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How do we choose rescue boots?


       Rescue BootsHow do we choose? The packaging of the rescue boots should be marked with the product name, color or number, quality level, shoe number, manufacturer name, address, product implementation standard number, etc. When buying rescue boots, visually check the appearance quality and product packaging by hand, and pay attention to the following aspects:


1. Check the surface of the boot. First, look at whether the surface of the boots has skew color difference, whether there is any damaged stain, whether the jump yarn and bright oil coating are uniform. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the stitches of the stitches are neat and even, whether there is a broken thread, and whether the thread ends of each part are colored.

2. The eye hole is not allowed to have cracks or looseness, and the misalignment of the eye hole cannot exceed half the width of the eye hole.

3. The decorative part should be sewn firmly. Symmetrical decorative parts should not have obvious size changes and color differences, printed patterns, text and trademarks should be clear, no bleeding or drag marks are allowed.

4. In addition to the rubber part outside the sole, it is more important to note that the installation of parts should not be curled or air holes or bubbles.

5. Sponge insole should be smooth without dew glue. The inner cloth is not allowed to be damaged or peeled off, the printing should be clear and correct, and the inner cloth of the same pair of shoes should not have color difference.

6. The pattern of the rubber outsole should be clear and free of glue. The bottom joint cannot be forward or backward, and it is not allowed to bounce or skew. At the same time, the upper and outsole should not have impurities, sand, bubbles, obvious pollution scratches and other defects.

The same pair of shoes is not allowed to have color difference, upper length and height are not significantly different. The outsole shall not be sprayed with frost and sulfur, and the gluing part shall not be stuck to the bottom.

8. Buy a satisfactory pairRescue Boots, Not only must meet the design requirements, but also fit, so try it on when buying. Because the length and weight of the left and right feet of the human body are different, you must wear both feet when trying them on. The so-called fit shoes refer to products that are fat and thin in size, can move freely in the shoes, can stretch freely, have no squeezing feeling on the feet, and have stable support.

The rescue boots are made of polyvinyl chloride material, the main component is polyvinyl chloride powder, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness and ductility. Alcohol is mixed with concentrated sulfuric acid 1:3, and vinyl chloride is produced at 170 degrees. After mixing with ethylene, ethylene dichloride will be produced. Dichloroethylene can be converted to chlorinated vinyl, which is the basic component of polyvinyl chloride. During the polymerization process, vinyl chloride molecules are linked together to form polyvinyl chloride chains. The polyvinyl chloride thus produced was a white powder.

Rescue BootsIt is made by mixing plasticizers such as polyvinyl chloride powder, heat resistance, discoloration resistance, and adding an appropriate amount of toughening agent, antioxidant, modifier, etc. The rescue boots have the characteristics of light weight, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture-proof, flame retardant, strong bending strength and impact toughness, and high elongation at break.

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