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What are the materials of rescue boots? How do we choose?


Generally speaking,Rescue BootsThe quality of the insulation depends on the raw materials. At present, various versions of rescue boots of various materials in the domestic market are quite chaotic. What are the materials of rescue boots? How do we choose?


1. suede faux fur lining

The material is flannel and a layer of chemical fiber wool, the material is poor, the air permeability is poor. Its popularity is mainly due to its high quality warmth.

2. wool-lined cowhide blend

At present, there are many materials on the market, and more than 70% of chemical fibers are added to the blended wool, which reduces the thermal insulation and air permeability. The material is mainly rubber and black.

3. domestic grade 2-3 wool

Although this material is made of fur and fur, which is similar to genuine goods material, it is made of 2-3 grade sheepskin, which is not up to the export standard. The leather is soft, thin and not grinded, the wool is sparse and shorter than the 1.8mm standard.

4. Fur

The leather is flat and thick, the wool is thick and soft, and the length is about 1.8mm (deviation is less than 2mm). It smells like wool. Feet warm and breathable, no stuffy feeling. It has four advantages of ventilation, warmth, moisture and health care.

Today'sRescue BootsIt has changed the traditional image of the past and no longer gives the impression of being bulky, stuffy and airtight. They use good imported natural rubber materials. In addition to retaining the special waterproof and non-slip function of traditional rescue boots, they also add different colors and patterns, such as classic printing.

So how should we choose the type of rescue boots?

Let's talk about plastic rescue boots. Plastic rescue boots feel hard, small elasticity, and are not easy to recover after deformation. So not recommend.

Then the polyurethaneRescue Boots, Divided into soft polyurethane and rigid polyurethane, the amount of polyurethane added is different. Soft products are soft and tough, sticky and stable, not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, and relatively heat resistant. But it's pungent.

As is well known, natural rubber refers to a natural rubber latex collected from Hevea brasiliensis, which is an elastic solid made by processing steps such as curing and drying. Natural rubber is a kind of natural polymer compound with cis-1, 4-polyisoprene as the main component. Its rubber hydrocarbon (cis-1, 4-polyisoprene) content of more than 90%, but also contains a small amount of protein, fatty acids, sugar and ash. Natural rubber has high elasticity, slight plasticity at room temperature, very good mechanical strength, small hysteresis loss during multiple deformations, low heat generation, so flexibility is also very good, and because it is non-polar rubber, it has good electrical insulation performance.

In general, natural rubber has excellent resilience, insulation, water repellency, plasticity and other characteristics. After proper treatment, it also has oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance, wear resistance, etc. Valuable performance, so it is very suitable as a natural rubber material.

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