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The Secret History of Training Shoes You Don't Know


Comrades, do you know? We have experienced the difficult process from rubber sole shoes to liberation yellow rubber shoes, camouflage rubber shoes, and now handsome "little black run. Maybe you haven't thought of our feet wearing rain in the wind every dayTraining shoesWhat a magical thing. In fact, it has a glorious history. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to uncover the secret history of training shoes.


Training shoes1.0

Secret history 1.1, longer service time. Issued on January 4, 1950, retired in 2004, the People's Army accompanied 54 spring and autumn.

Secret History 1.2, whose real name is unknown to anyone. The name Jiefang Flower has been called for more than half a century, but the name Jiefang Flower cannot be found in the official documents of the Ministry of Quartermaster of the People's Liberation Army. There is only one official name for this kind of military boots-rubber shoes. There are only two statements about the origin of the title of release shoes. One is that this kind of training shoes was born in the war of liberation. The second refers to the standard training shoes worn by the PLA.

The secret history of the 1.3, set a great contribution. During the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, Li Jimei, as the commander-in-chief of the US Army in the Far East, was deeply impressed by the rubber shoes of the volunteers. There is such a description in his memoirs. "frantic bugles and rough shouts rang out again at the front, and enemy infantry in rubber shoes crept up the dark hillside and infiltrated into our position. Chinese soldiers walking silently in rubber shoes are as scary as jaguars in the jungle. If the volunteers wore thick military boots to infiltrate, they were afraid of being found by the enemy tens of meters away.

North Korea's tea mountain is very light in release shoes. It flies like walking, but the heavy leather boots of the US army can't catch up. In particular, long climbing is very tiring and is often complained by American soldiers. After the war, the U.S. military grassroots soldiers strongly demanded the replacement of outdated military boots.

Secret History 1.4 the darling of the fashion world. Liberation China is currently reduced to a special use for migrant workers in China, with a price of about 20 yuan. However, the improved release shoes produced by Henan Jiaozuo Sirius Shoe Factory are Ospop. Training shoes are the darling of the fashion industry with an overseas price of about 75 US dollars and have entered the international fashion week many times.

Training 2.0 99 training

From 2004 to 2015, the standard training shoes issued by the whole army served for 11 years. developed by the quartermaster equipment research institute of the general logistics department, the 99-style training painting has combined six national patents and one first prize for scientific and technological progress achievements of the army, and has made breakthroughs in 10 key technologies. For example, new applied chemical fiber materials are used to improve wear resistance.

Adding antibacterial agents to shoes, shoes and other fabrics has the function of wicking sweat.

Training shoesA new material of short fiber reinforced foam rubber was used to reduce weight.

Non-slip sunshade, sturdy and durable, suitable for high-intensity combat training in the army to wear, there are many advantages, can replace 54 years of service in one fell swoop boots.

Training 3.0 07 training shoes In July 2015, the 07 training shoes nicknamed "black running" by army personnel so far are the ones they are wearing at their feet! In May 2013, the Armed Police Force seized the opportunity to set up a new type of training and scientific research group, drawing lessons from Li Ning, Tao Wei, Golden Monkey, Pathfinder and other sports and outdoor brand design concepts, widely adopting international leading production technology, drawing lessons from the military's scientific research and innovation achievements, after dozens of scientific experiments, breakthroughs have been made in a number of key technologies, and 07-style soilless cultivation has been successfully developed.

Looking at the new style beneath our feetTraining shoes, think about the predecessors suddenly feel "handsome!

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