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What should I pay attention to when buying emergency rescue boots? What are the differences between rubber and plastic materials?


 Rescue BootsVery practical, plays a very important role. There are many kinds of rescue boots on the market, and rubber rescue boots are more common. What is the difference between rubber and plastic materials?


  Rescue BootsThe manufacturer said that rubber is a polymer compound, so the sole has high elasticity and wear resistance, and can withstand multiple bending, stretching and compression without being damaged. Also has acid and alkali resistance, suitable for rainy days. Like our rain boots, most of them are rescue boots. Rubber can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

The advantage of natural rubber is very soft, excellent elasticity, suitable for all kinds of sports, but the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it is not wear-resistant. The interior sneaker is made of natural rubber. The advantage of synthetic rubber is to make up for the shortcomings of natural rubber, that is, it has excellent wear resistance and toughness, and is very durable.

The essential difference between plastic and rubber is plastic deformation when plastic deformation occurs, while rubber is elastic deformation. In other words, plastic is not easy to return to its original state after deformation, while rubber is relatively much easier. The elasticity of plastic is very small, usually less than 100 percent, while the elasticity of rubber can reach more than 1000 percent. In the molding of plastics, when most molding processes are completed, the product process is also completed; however, after the rubber molding process is completed, a vulcanization process is required.

So what should we pay attention to when buying rescue boots?

Size: Most people buy shoes first to consider whether they fit or not, but rescue boots are different from ordinary shoes. Because the inside of the rescue boot is relatively cold, it is recommended to buy a larger size, so that it can be added with a layer of insoles, which makes it more comfortable to wear. When it is cold, you can also change a velvet pad, so that it will not be too cold in winter.

Style: Today's rescue boots look like boots, so how to choose the rescue boots that suit your legs becomes very important. It is suggested that friends with lower legs can choose some shorter rescue boots. If tall netizens can choose tall tubes, it is more appropriate for netizens of medium height to choose the middle tube style.

Raw materials: rescue boots always give people the impression of being stuffy, and most people feel that they are not suitable for wearing for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended that when buying rescue boots, you should choose natural rubber rescue boots instead of plastic rescue boots.

Price: The prices of rescue boots bought on the market vary from tens to thousands of dollars. We don't need to choose expensive big names to buy boots, as long as the quality passes.

Function:Rescue BootsIt is to be waterproof and anti-skid, so we must not ignore this main function when purchasing. In order to protect us in the harsh environment.

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