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I am a party member, "five leaders" take the responsibility to rush ahead.


Zhang Ping

(News from our newspaper: Zhang Ping) On March 23, 2022, the Party Committee of Jihua 3539 Company organized middle-level and above managers to participate in the group company's "I am a party member, I am proud, I am a party member, I am responsible for my position" theme activity and "Operation Compliance Management Year" special action mobilization and deployment meeting, focusing on learning the important speeches of Jia Shirui, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of the group. After the meeting, the party committee of Jihua 3539 Company quickly responded to the call of the group company and proposed that party members and cadres should take the lead in "five leaders": taking the lead in epidemic prevention and production, taking the lead in taking the lead in taking the lead in implementing, taking the lead in reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and taking the lead in job innovation.

Recently, Jihua 3539 Company has received a batch of orders for cold film children's boots. This market order is a large order for the company to face the huge pressure of market decline in 2022. It is also a key opportunity for the company to stabilize the scale of the enterprise, expand the foreign trade market and upgrade its products. At present, the company is in full swing to carry out the task of producing cold film children's boots within a time limit. All party branches are actively implementing the "five leaders" work requirements. Faced with severe market situation and production tasks, the company's party members and cadres are riding their horses to start a new bureau, earnestly implementing the requirements of the mobilization meeting for thematic activities, and stationed in the front line of workshop production. Comrade Fan Lianyou, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of the company, led the personnel of the research and development department and the quality control department to keep a close eye on the inspection under the high standard of "zero defects". One shoe after another kept turning in his hands. Even if there was a "small black spot", he would never let it go and walked to the side of the inspectors from time to time for on-site guidance.

The party members, cadres and workers of the party branch of the first workshop, under the leadership of Huang Ranqiu, assistant to the general manager, and Cao Jun, director of the workshop, have increased their enthusiasm for work. "From more than 400 pairs on the first day to more than 500 pairs now, everyone has overcome difficulties and completed the task ahead of schedule. Although they are tired, our employees are still full of energy!" Liu Mingyan, a workshop employee, said happily. Tiredness and hard work did not reduce everyone's enthusiasm for work. The employees always maintained a selfless mental state and stuck to the front line of production with full enthusiasm. Everyone worked side by side, united and cooperated. Not only did the work have a fast pace and high efficiency, but also they had high standards for work., Strict requirements.

At present, the atmosphere of the entire production workshop is warm, and the enthusiasm for work is unprecedentedly high.

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