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Rain boots blessing, rainy days can't stop my beauty


In March, it's the annoying rainy season again, but most of the time you have to go out on rainy days. You must not allow yourself to go out and meet people in a sloppy and awkward way,. From a beautiful pairRain BootsAt first, you can also enjoy the beautiful weather when others are drenched in the soup every minute. If your memory of rain boots still stays in the style of farming era, then you can only sigh and look down quickly!


Although it is really convenient to wear rain boots on rainy days, it can also be worn in fashion. In the face of the upcoming rainy season, prepare a pair of cool and refreshingRain BootsWith this collocation suggestion, it is no longer you who are embarrassed in rainy days.

  Rain BootsIt has a heavy feeling in itself, covering most of the calf. Why do they look like long legs? If it's not too cold to go out when it rains in summer, whether it's a skirt or trousers, be sure to be as short as possible and try to increase the area of exposed legs, so that rain boots will become a sharp weapon to highlight your thin legs. However, if the thighs are relatively thick, it is also possible to wear slightly longer shorts. As long as there is a sense of ventilation between boots and trousers, it will not appear bulky.

In addition to shorts, short skirts are also a magic weapon for long legs. The advantage of collocation dress is to increase the overall sense, simple and convenient. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a dress of the same color as the boots, but it is still necessary to maintain a sense of nudity and never wrap the exposed legs with tights of various colors. It is safe to wear a skirt of contrasting color, but it can also be a collision color system, which is more difficult to control. Consider it yourself. If you want to increase the layering, or modify the leg curve does not appear rough, you can wear a little longer socks in the rain boots, can be the same color, will not give people too abrupt feeling, the length of the socks should not exceed the boots too much, otherwise it will appear redundant socks.

If you are afraid of cold in rainy days and dare not wear shorts, then wear trousers. Tight tannin pants and leg wraps match well, even if they are changed to other colors, the legs will not be thick. Winter upper body can be matched with rich levels, you know the principle that a set of clothes can not be more than three colors. The number of people who buy short rain boots is less than that of medium boots, as can be seen from the matching recommend above. Because the practicability of short boots is really low, water will splash into the shoes when it rains too much, and you can't get out when you go in. However, short boots like to wear heels and are equipped with sharp tools to prevent wet feet or mess when the rain is not heavy. However, the terminal function of the rain boots is non-slip and waterproof. Wearing high-heeled rain boots, it's still a long way from the mud grass music festival in the countryside.

Please choose a suitable pairRain BootsSmaller girls can choose low boots. Although the flower boots are lively and sweet, the patterned boots are relatively difficult to match. The upper body chooses the solid color matching, the shoe how to spend is the highlight.

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