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How long can a pair of liberation rubber shoes wear


Few people wear it now.Liberation rubber shoesThe. Occasionally in the countryside can also be seen. With the progress of the times, rubber shoes have also been given a lot of scientific and technological content. No amount of simple rehmannia will help footwear. However, this pair of liberation rubber shoes gives an indelible impression in the hearts of our 70-year-old people. Because under the living conditions at that time, it is destined to become a necessity of our life. Let's learn how long the next pair of liberation rubber shoes can last!

In the 1990 s, people's living conditions improved,Liberation rubber shoesSlowly out of people's daily lives, but my memories and feelings really deepened at that time, engraved in life.

95 years into the police force, soon launched a lifetime of unforgettable, never experienced the hard training. Now, look at the photos from that time. Dark and thin, the elite look tells the unforgettable and passionate days of youth.

After entering the police, green camouflage uniforms and liberation rubber shoes were first distributed. At that time, everyone's life was much better, but under the strict requirements of the police force, it was forbidden to wear other informal clothing and footwear except for distribution. Everyone happily changed clothes, evoking the uniform clothing, young faces, high-spirited feeling. It means looking at each other and can't wait to show your arms. No one cares about future training. In the past, which one did not take part in military training at school? I often take part in training competitions at school. Everyone has no psychological burden for future training.

On the first day of training, everyone's little romantic thoughts, little conceit and little expression were shattered. The instructor just said to everyone lightly, there is no standing appearance, no training, training standing appearance. After explaining the essentials, immediately start standing posture training. Large and small stones were placed on everyone's shoulders and heads. Soon, everyone knew that our previous training in school was not training. That is moving the body. The body soon stiff, sore spread to the whole body, soon released thin soles of rubber shoes, felt the hardness of the earth! For the first time, 45 minutes of standing posture, after the end, the instructor ordered a rest, long-lost everyone solidified there, no one can move, stiff can't move.

After taking a rest and training for a whole day and a half, the yellow liberation rubber shoes were new shoes at first, with large sole friction and a slow start. It was not until everyone adjusted and found the correct and rapid starting method that they jumped into the instructor's eyes. A tight body quickly causes soreness. More obvious is the pain in the soles of the feet felt by untying the shoes. One night when I returned to the dormitory, the brother in the upper berth had to be carried by the brother in the lower berth to climb. Lying on the bed, as soon as I let go of the rubber shoes, I smelled the sweat on my feet, and everyone quickly poured the shoes on the corridor. However, in the evening's emergency collection, panicked everyone is afraid to put shoes in the corridor. Put both shoes to your mouth every time. Slightly lighten the smell of indoor rubber shoes. Rest immediately becomes the rotation method of the team to the four directions, and every movement must be carefully keyed out. When twisting the body, the coordination of the front and back heels and soles of the feet is slightly wrong, and severe rework will be carried out and practice alone. After some training, the feet feel as if they are directly rubbing against the earth, as if they have no soles. Soon, all the brothers got thick insoles to put in their shoes, but it was actually useless. Just, in order to alleviate the pain caused by the friction of the sole, it comforted me a little. Gradually, the brothers of the police force can see the daily way of walking, and all are looking for ways to reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet. The instructors laughed and entered the situation. When you don't walk like this, it's practice.

After a lot of training, everyone was sweating. I know that smelly children who did not have the habit of washing feet before going to bed will now wash their feet obediently at night and choose blood blisters on the soles of their feet. In the past, clean and hygienic brothers would wear shoes for three to five days, but soon gave up this good habit that was considered useless at the time.

One morning, it just rained and the ground was full of puddles. Everyone was secretly happy and didn't have to do exercises in the morning. However, the exercise number rang on time, and as soon as it came out, everyone was still padding their feet and not stepping on puddles. However, after the assembly, as soon as the order was issued, the procession immediately marched neatly. With the slogan, the team began to run neatly. A shoe stepped into the puddles of various roads, the water splashed everywhere, the shoes flowed into the water, and the pants of the camouflage suit were flooded. The sweat of running made everyone not feel cold. In such an environment, the pace was firmer. I felt that the pace of taking off my shoes was so neat and powerful that day. From that day on, the liberation of shoes, in training to feel the hardness of the earth, no pain! This is growth!

I remember a pair very clearlyLiberation rubber shoesHow long you can wear in training. At that training intensity, each of us can only wear it for half a month at most, the sole becomes thinner, and the sole of the foot is broken first. In some cases, the new release shoes equipped in the rear have not yet arrived. The brothers must continue their training in shoes with broken soles, using only the soles to isolate themselves from the friction with the earth. Subsequently, the police force released a number of liberation shoes at a time, solving the problem of shoe soles not being fully worn out after training. I remember this training period was over. All of our liberation shoes are worn out, no one left neat liberation shoes.

The above introduction is how long a pair of liberation rubber shoes can be worn. Now that they have taken off their shoes and started to come out of the training ground, everyone is not young. However, when you see the blue police training shoes distributed, you will still involuntarily think of those years of hard training! That is unforgettable for us, although very painful, but I think we have achieved more results! What impressed me more was that during the proofreading, he commented to us: "The training level demonstrated has reached the company training level of the field army."

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