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"Liberation rubber shoes" will be retired from active service, where are the new training shoes in particular?


Recently, the beautiful black "trots" were formally assembled into the army, and the "liberation rubber shoes" that grew with the development of the army symbolized the imminent "glorious retirement". It is reported that the new training shoes are made of five advanced manufacturing technologies and one patent, which can meet the training and combat needs of officers and soldiers in running, jumping and climbing. Then, let's learn about the special place where the "Liberation Rubber Shoes" will be retired from active service!

Development of Liberation Rubber Shoes-Troop Training Shoes

It is reported that the equipment of the armed police force is based on the army's production and distribution standards. In the 1950 s, with the rapid development of the rubber industry, rubber shoes became one of the main shoes for military training. After three generations of R & D and innovation of rubber-soled cloth shoes, liberation yellow rubber shoes and camouflage rubber shoes, rubber-soled shoes have played an important role in the combat, training, production and labor of the army.

With the expansion of the army's functional tasks and the subsequent increase in diversified tasks, problems such as the shape of rubber shoes is not suitable for feet, poor air and moisture permeability, hard soles and no vibration have gradually emerged, which are easy to breed bacteria and train foot injuries. Therefore, officers and soldiers are more infected. In 2011, the PLA Logistics Equipment Research Institute successfully introduced the "sneaker" design concept into military equipment, with the goal of making new training shoes more suitable for human movement.

Five advanced technologies, one patent, create new training shoes

In May 2013, the army seized the opportunity and set up a new training shoes scientific research project team, drawing lessons from the design concepts of Li Ning, Dewey, Golden Monkey and Explorer and other sports and outdoor brands, and widely adopting international leading production technology. learn from the achievements of military scientific research and innovation.

Jiefang Rubber Shoes-Project Leader of New Training Shoes and Director of Scientific Research Office of Logistics Equipment Research Institute Xiang Dong said that in order to strengthen the wear resistance of training shoes, the high-density sole used in the new training shoes not only retains the wear-resistant and non-slip advantages of the rubber outsole of the old training shoes, but also uses EVA foam material and high elastic insole, bringing sports cushioning and comfort. In order to strengthen the antibacterial and deodorant functions of the new sneaker, they added materials such as sweat and hemp to textiles to improve breathability and moisture absorption. In order to make the shoe last fit the foot comfortably, they designed the shoe last according to the shape law of the Chinese foot and the characteristics of the young soldiers to fit the human body structure.

In the training ground of the "Commando", when talking about the new training shoes, the thickness of the sole of the Jiefang rubber shoes has increased, the weight has been reduced, and it is very comfortable to run like sitting on a sponge. Since I tried it on last year, I have never heard of my comrades in arms and smelly feet in the dormitory, and I have recovered from my illness. The style is novel, and you can freely match casual clothes when you go out, which is very practical."

Zheng Jianchun, Minister of materials and equipment, said that before the new training shoes were finalized and produced, Jiefang rubber shoes carried out all-round try-on inspection through training exercises and tasks. About 10000 pairs were tried on in the "Snow Leopard, Commando", Guangdong, Hainan and other troops, and the opinions of about 180000 officers and soldiers were solicited online. At present, troops have been dispatched in the form of vanguard and rear formation, and it is expected that a pair of new armed police training shoes will be issued to each officer and soldier by the end of July. Due to the high production cost and other factors, the new training shoes will be temporarily implemented in the next few years, and the old and new will be gradually eliminated. At that time, the old "liberation rubber shoes" will be fully retired. It is reported that in addition to the 07-type training shoes, the troops also issued new combat shoes, military shoes, winter shoes and other improved varieties. Xiangdong told reporters that the improved new combat shoes have a weight loss of 300 grams for the old-fashioned ones, which is 2 inches lower than the waist of the shoes. They are convenient and comfortable to wear, with more obvious shock absorption effect and better safety protection performance. In addition, the distribution of adjustable insoles can be freely combined with two insoles with a thickness of 2mm according to individual needs, or replace elastic insoles to adjust the space in the shoes to meet different needs.

The above introduction is that "liberation rubber shoes" will be retired from active service. where is the special new training shoes? if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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