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Praise for "Horse Selection in the Field"


(News from our newspaper: Zhang Ping) In order to further strengthen the construction of the talent team, promote the reform of the company's talent system, and optimize the structure of the middle-level cadre team, on the morning of the 2nd and 23rd, all the general management personnel of the company competed for posts through written examinations, operations, and interviews.

"A good selection and employment style can create a team of cadres and workers who focus on practical work, do practical things, and seek practical results!" The company's executive director, general manager Lin Qiang repeatedly stressed. In order to ensure the democratic science of selecting and employing personnel, the company further expanded the scope of judges. The company's leaders, heads of various departments, members of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, technical operation experts and staff representatives formed a panel of judges to evaluate and score the candidates, and changed the key few "Bole Xiangma" into a democratic and scientific "horse selection on the field". At the same time, the company let the competition be carried out under the "focus" of all employees, and further pass the concept of democracy, fairness, justice and openness to the hearts of employees.

The purpose of this competition is to better test the professional ability level of the management personnel, so as to more comprehensively and accurately understand the working ability of the personnel participating in the competition, so that the employees who really want to work, have the ability and accomplish things have the stage to show their talents, so as to be selected to the management position.

In the questioning session of this competition, the jury team combined the content of the competition speech and the job of the competition position to ask random questions, and conducted a comprehensive test of the candidates' comprehensive qualities such as management experience, work ideas and on-the-spot adaptability, and made on-the-spot comments and scores to let the candidates and employees "bask" in the sun.

"The competition is democratic and transparent, and the pressure on our front-line workers is even greater, so we must be fully prepared to show our best self. No matter whether the competition is successful or not, I will do my job well," said a first-line candidate with deep feeling.

"I am an old employee, although I have a lot of work experience, but I still need to further strengthen the theory of learning, learning, working to the old. In the future, whether to work in Pengshui Company, or in the new plant, I will stand the last shift." One from the mechanical and electrical technical personnel at the interview site said earnestly. He used his own words and actions to interpret the profound meaning of "doing one line, loving one line, drilling one line.

In the actual operation site, it is not only a calibration process, but also a training process. The leader of the practical operation is the leader in charge, who is both a judge and a trainer. He guides the practical operation process hand in hand on the spot, finds out the problems existing in the process, and puts forward improvement methods. At the same time, the technical operation experts combined with the work standard on-site scoring, and finally evaluated the actual operation results.

This innovative competition method is an important measure for Jihua 3539 Company to continue to promote the selection and employment concept of "morality first, focusing on performance", and to recruit talents. In recent years, the company has continuously innovated the way of selecting talents, strengthened the wind vane of judging from the actual performance and using cadres according to the actual performance, and stimulated the vitality of selecting and employing personnel and the strong atmosphere of starting a business for grass-roots employees.

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