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Party branch of workshop 1 carries out cultural activities of "Party members set up benchmarking innovation to promote lean"


Party branch of workshop 1 carries out cultural activities of "Party members set up benchmarking innovation to promote lean"

(News from this newspaper: Zhang Ping, Liu Lin) On March 11, the Party branch of the first workshop organized Party members and workshop backbones to carry out the "Party Member Benchmarking Innovation to Promote Lean" cultural theme Party Day activity on the "Lean Production" management work being carried out in the workshop, guiding and encouraging workshop employees to overcome difficulties and innovate in the lean management work.

As soon as the activity began, it began to drizzle in the sky. Party members, activists and backbones gathered at the entrance of Huangjue Old Road in Aiping Mountain. After taking a group photo, Xiao Yuanqing, secretary of the Party branch, gave an order to start the first task of the activity: mountaineering. Everyone walked up the mountain and scrambled to be the first. Although they were sweating, they still headed for the top of the mountain with high spirits. Along the way, everyone laughed and laughed, not afraid of difficulties, encouraged each other, and helped each other, showing the spirit of unity, mutual assistance, and positive enterprising spirit of the party members and employees of the branch.

The power to promote lean is in the whole staff, and the wisdom to implement lean is at the grass-roots level. In particular, we should give full play to the benchmarking role and vanguard and exemplary role of Party members in lean management, so as to effectively mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees, realize the work goal of linkage between the upper and lower levels, and jointly promote the improvement of enterprise management level. Next, let's move on to the second task of this activity: holding a lean production seminar.

At the lean production symposium, everyone talked about ideas and made suggestions around the actual work: First, equipment maintenance and maintenance need to be strengthened. For example, waste phenomena such as oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage and electricity leakage of equipment, and minor downtime of equipment caused by inadequate equipment maintenance, it is recommended that professionals regularly maintain and train front-line operation staff to do a good job of independent maintenance. The second is to actively implement 6s site management. Adopt 6s management method to create an orderly on-site environment and maintain the best operation process, so as to ensure that finished products, semi-finished products, work-in-process products and reworked products have clear areas, consistent accounts, smooth logistics and accurate information. Three is to strengthen the quality consciousness. The quality management concept should be implemented in every process and every employee's operation. Four is to strengthen the process of supervision. It is necessary to collect data, control and monitor the entire production process from raw materials on line to finished products into storage in real time to further improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

In the atmosphere of fierce discussion on lean production, party members and workers actively think about how to implement small reforms in their respective positions, find waste sources, problem sources, and improvement sources, so as to integrate lean thinking, lean methods, and lean concepts into their own Work practice.

After the meeting, Huang Ranqiu, deputy director of the first workshop, proposed that the "lean production" site is the first step, that is, sorting and rectification, so it is necessary to strengthen site management in the workshop. The workshop section chief should check the film quality in time and strengthen the quality of rubber boots. Publicity work should be carried out around "lean production", so that all employees in the workshop are deeply aware of the importance of lean management, and actively create a working atmosphere in which "all employees participate in lean management and everyone strives to be an innovative star.

Finally, Secretary Xiao stressed that the whole workshop should take 6S site management as the starting point and build 6S production demonstration line as the carrier. In view of the weak links in workshop management, Party members should take the lead, cadres and workers should actively participate, lead the workshop staff to work together, take innovation as the main line, and strive to be the vanguard in overcoming difficulties in lean management.

This activity is not only a lean management seminar, but also a mobilization and deployment meeting. Through this activity, it not only promotes the management improvement of workshop work, but also effectively plays the leading role of Party members, and injects power and vitality into the future management work.

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