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How can we prevent electric shock when wearing rubber boots?


GeneralRubber bootsManufacturers of products are anti-electric shock, because the material used in rubber boots products is rubber, in fact, an insulator, not easy to get an electric shock. But when you wear rubber boots, you always have to touch the water. Where there is water, it is easy to get electric shock. No matter what kind of shoes you wear, there may be electricity if there is water.

But...Rubber bootsIt is made of rubber and can prevent electric shock. However, if water accidentally enters the shoes, it is easy to cause leakage, so pay attention. If nothing else, the doors and windows should be closed in rainy days, and there will be trouble if there is water in the room. Because everyone now has electrical appliances at home, they cannot touch electrical appliances with water, so they must turn off the power switch in time to prevent accidents.

In addition, if it rains outside, rubber boots manufacturers should remind you not to walk near transformers or power supply lines, and not to avoid wind and rain under any transformers. Because the wind is too strong, it will cut the wires. If it rains again, the line or transformer is easy to short-circuit discharge. If you are in close proximity, it will pose a threat to your personal safety.

As we all know, don't take shelter from the rain under a tree. Some of the trees were covered with electric wires. If the wind blows off a branch or something, the wire will fall on the tree. It is also very dangerous for people to touch power lines or trees wet by rain. If you get an electric shock, don't be nervous or panic. Do not touch anything wet or metal, but use insulated tools, otherwise, please turn off the main switch and do not act rashly.

People who buy rubber boots know that rubber boots must have anti-skid characteristics. If they are not non-slip, it is easy to fall in the middle, or they need to wear rubber boots in some special working environments. If you are exposed to rain, it may be fine, but if you are in a special working environment, if you are not careful, you may be exposed to some solvents.

If this is not non-slip, it will definitely not work. When choosing to buy rubber boots, you should also pay attention to wearing them comfortably on your feet so as to protect your feet. Don't pick rubber boots about the same size. After trying it on, choose the one that fits your feet. You can't buy too small or too big.

  Rubber bootsWhen it is cold, it will be very cold, which requires an insole, and when it is hot, you can use a cotton insole, so that if your feet sweat when walking, you can absorb sweat and wear it more comfortably, so you should consider this when buying. Also, the sole is very important. It is also mentioned above that the sole should be designed to be non-slip, so that walking in the rain or other environments is at risk of slipping.

In addition, if you really wear rubber boots in some special working environment, you need to pay attention to avoidRubber bootsExposure to chemical solvents. Because the material of the rubber boots is rubber, this chemical solvent will dissolve the rubber, and the rubber will become viscous after dissolution. There are also some sharp things that should not be touched to avoid being cut. If they are scratched, they will break, and naturally water and other substances will penetrate.

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