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Jihua 3539 Company's Online and Offline Safety Lecture Hall Ends People's Heart


(News from our newspaper: Zhang Ping) On June 24, 2020, a "Safety Production Month" publicity and education activity with the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a strong safety line of defense" was held in Jihua 3539 Company, with a total of more than 60 people participating In this event, the company's executive director Lin Qiang and party secretary Huang Qingying participated in the event. This publicity and education activity is carried out in the form of "online and offline" activities, so that employees' awareness of production safety can be heard and heard.

The "If" safety warning education short film played at the beginning of the event, in a storytelling way, restored the entire process of a safety accident that occurred in a production workshop employee from the beginning of work to work. Huang Qingying, secretary of the party committee, said in person that he asked the staff to answer first by asking questions on the spot, and then corrected the incomplete answers. By focusing on the cause, process, responsibility analysis, preventive measures and other aspects of the accident, he gave a real and vivid safety warning education lesson to the staff on the spot.

Subsequently, under the leadership of Liu Lun, director of the company's security department, all employees took an oath. After the oath, the employees solemnly signed their names on the theme banner of safe production month.

Then, executive director Lin Qiang analyzed the cases of people and things around him and typical accidents, and used vivid and bloody lessons as examples to reach the alarm bell, which played the role of "lessons from others, my mirror. At the same time, he asked all employees to internalize and externalize in practice, put safety work in the first place, firmly establish the safety concept of "life first, safety first", tighten the "safety string", and strictly control the "safety pass". Put an end to all kinds of accidents.

Finally, the company organized personnel to carry out the "Safety Production Month" knowledge answering activity. Up to now, the company has participated in the answering of 60 people, and the answer scores are all above qualified. This knowledge contest has achieved good results.

This "online and offline" publicity and education activity gave all employees a vivid safety education class, gave all employees a safety culture feast, and built a "safety firewall" in the hearts of employees ". The company will continue to do a good job in safety production, clarify the main responsibilities and work responsibilities of safety production, further improve the safety awareness, safety quality and accident prevention capabilities of employees, and strive to achieve the theme requirements of "eliminating hidden accidents and building a strong safety line of defense", and promote The company's safety production situation continues to be stable.

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