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Retired veteran party members of Jihua 3539 Company rushed to the front line of the fight against the epidemic and started the battle to defend the Sanjiu community.


(Report from our newspaper: Zhang Ping) In the past 10 days or so, in the fight against the new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic, such a group of retired old party members have been active in the residential area of Jihua 3539 Company. Their average age is around "60". They are Zhang Zeyu, secretary and director of the party branch responsible for 3539 community work, Wang Jingang, Lin Zongxing, Xiao Kelan and party member Zhang Jun.

"I am a party member, who do I not go?"

Since January 22, the Party Committee of 3539 Company has been in accordance with the unified deployment of the Group Company. All party branches are required to do a good job in the propaganda and guidance of party branch members and the masses of workers, do a good job in monitoring the public opinion of the party branch, strengthen the popularization of medical knowledge and authoritative media information, and guide all employees to establish a rational mentality, invigorate their mental state, and do not spread rumors, Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, ensure the stability of enterprises, society, and employees, and ensure that employees have a safe and peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival. The company's old factory area, Sanjiu community living in the company's vast staff, become the focus of epidemic prevention and control areas. At the critical moment, Zhang Zeyu, secretary of the 3539 community party branch, resolutely gave up the Spring Festival holiday and stepped forward, leading a group of community party branches to participate in the prevention and control of the community epidemic. The first thing in the morning: Secretary Zhang called and sent WeChat to the workers living in the community, only to hear her warm voice saying, "Now the epidemic is serious, don't go out to visit!" The second thing: she led a group of party members of the branch to post leaflets and issue proposals in the residential areas. The third thing: she held up a loudspeaker to publicize epidemic prevention measures and went door to door to do a good job of investigation and registration. "Now it's the Spring Festival holiday, and it's a critical moment for epidemic prevention and control, as a party member, who am I not on?" Secretary Zhang Zeyu said to everyone without complaint.

On January 27, they posted more than 200 leaflets in residential areas. Some workers and residents do not understand, they always explain patiently. Every night home, everyone is tired of backache. Regarding the dissuasion of his family, Secretary Zhang always smiled and said, "I want to do my part to curb the spread of the epidemic. Protecting everyone is also protecting the small family!"

Along with Secretary Zhang Zeyu, a group of veteran party members such as Wang Jingang and Zhang Jun participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In the past 10 days, they carried disinfection boxes to disinfect dead corners, corridors, cars, public areas, etc. in residential areas, and they were busy everywhere. "I am very strong. As a party member, now that the enterprise needs me, I should stand up." Old party member Wang Jingang said so. At present, the old party members have visited and investigated 1513 people, of whom 2 have returned from Wuhan. They have been quarantined at home for 14 days, monitored their body temperature every day, publicized and guided 526 households and 1513 people in their living quarters, and distributed more than 600 leaflets.

"The epidemic does not recede for a day, we do not withdraw for a moment"

Zhang Zeyu, secretary of the community party branch of Jihua 3539 Company, did not take a day off throughout the Spring Festival and has been fighting on the front line of the fight against the epidemic. "You must wear a mask when you go out. Don't join in the fun when there are too many people. Keep your home well ventilated, wash your hands frequently and disinfect more..." Zhang Zeyu plays personal protection health tips with a loudspeaker in residential areas every day. Secretary Zhang often said that "I have been in charge of the work of the neighborhood committee for many years, and I have long been integrated with everyone. I am even more a member of the Communist Party, and I have to charge forward at the critical moment and do my part for the company".

On January 28, Sanjiu Community started the first large-scale investigation of the new coronary virus without leaking one household or one person. It was found that community residents returned to Tianjin from Wuhan Normal University on January 14, Gong Yangjun worked in an enterprise in Wuhan and returned to Tianjin on January 22. The community cooperated with doctors, resident police and visiting doctors of Jijiang Community Health Service Center to take body temperature for him (her) and sent publicity materials to their hands, they were told to stay at home for 14 days and report fever in time.

Secretary Zhang said categorically: "During the Spring Festival, everyone is working at full capacity. Basically, the working hours are about 10 hours a day, and they are on standby 24 hours a day. The epidemic will not recede every day, and we cannot relax for a moment!"

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