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Jihua 3539 Company Held 2019 Annual Work Conference and Third Seventh Plenary Meeting

On February 15, 2019, Jihua 3539 Company organized the 2019 Annual Working Conference and the 7th Plenary Session of the 3rd Session. All the company's management personnel and staff representatives attended the meeting. This meeting is an important meeting for Sanjiu Company to comprehensively and thoroughly implement the spirit of the 2019 work conference of the two-level group company, to further promote enterprise reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading, structural adjustment, and to continue the good business situation in 2018. It is also an important meeting for all cadres and workers to implement the company's future strategic plan and achieve the goals and tasks for the whole year of 2019.

At the meeting, Lin Qiang, executive director and general manager, made a work report entitled "take the initiative to break through the great cause, work hard, work hard, strengthen the foundation, improve quality, increase efficiency, stabilize scale, seek change, promote development, and strive to promote the high-quality development of the company". He carefully, comprehensively and objectively reviewed and summarized the production and operation work in 2018, made detailed and thorough arrangements for the production and operation work in 2019, defined the guiding ideology and goals, pointed out the 2019 "eight fast one high one singing" work objectives.

One is to rapidly upgrade the scale of the cold-film rubber boots project: to implement borrowlism, not to ask for everything but to use it, and to keep up with the needs of the times. E-commerce sells warm rubber boots.

The second is to quickly build a new growth pole for mine clearance protection projects: actively promote military-civilian integration, deeply participate in civilian military projects, and give full play to political and technological advantages.

The third is the rapid release of the bonus of the Pengshui project, which strongly supports the company's restructuring: it will start production in June and give full play to the private operation mode of Pengshui Company: whether the management range of the current management personnel will increase or not will be decided by the current management personnel and the evaluation of the working status of the current management personnel, and the income will increase simultaneously with the workload and intensity.

The fourth is to quickly maximize the interests of the old factory company: actively coordinate with relevant parties and determine the utilization plan of the old factory.

The fifth is to quickly build a moral model base: strengthen the confidence of the manufacturing industry and quickly copy the model as a blueprint.

Sixth, the rapid construction of a sound talent echelon construction and system construction system: "four have personnel" people with learning ability, innovation ability, execution ability and professional ability are the key elements of the company's product upgrading and structural adjustment.

The seventh is to quickly build a professional marketing team and marketing system: China has moved from a planned economy to a market economy, and the difference in one step reflects the decisive force, the market, and the market demand.

The eighth is to quickly build a professional R & D team and R & D system: the core driving force of competition comes from differentiated high-value-added products with technological content. An excellent R & D team is a prerequisite for achieving high-value-added products.

Nine is the efficient promotion of corporate management upgrade: efficiency is the life of the organization! Only an efficient team can gather talents, realize the vision and realize the ambition.

The tenth is to sing the main theme of corporate culture: "Diligence and thrift to build factories and constantly strive for self-improvement", which has both a historical brand and a strong voice of the times. It promotes the century-old military industry theme culture, sings the main theme of the times, and enhances the soft power of corporate competition.

Party Secretary Huang Qingying made a party building report entitled "Giving Full Play to the Advantages of Party Building and Cohesive Development to Create a New Situation in the Development of Party Building Work". The report briefly reviewed the achievements of the party building work in 2018, analyzed the current situation and existing problems faced by the party building work, and put forward the key work of the company's party committee in 2019:

The first is to strengthen confidence, highlight strategic planning and ideological guidance, and rise the passion for the third entrepreneurship. The second is to build a team, highlight team building and talents to strengthen the enterprise, and temper and create a high-quality cadre team and talent advantages.

The third is to strengthen actions, implement entrepreneurial party building projects, and continuously enhance the vitality of grassroots party building work.

The fourth is to cultivate culture, highlight concentration and soul casting and integration and innovation, and vigorously promote the construction of enterprise culture.

Fifth, the correct style of work, highlighting the implementation of responsibilities and prevention and supervision, play a good role in escort

The sixth is to promote harmony, highlight people-oriented and co-create and share, and continue to consolidate the harmonious development of enterprises.


At the meeting, the Secretary of the Party committee and the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the company signed the responsibility letter of "one post with two responsibilities" with the members of the team, and the general manager of the company, the deputy general manager in charge, the representative of the department head and the representative of the general management personnel respectively signed the target responsibility letter. The executive director, the secretary of the party committee and the representative of the branch secretary signed a letter of responsibility for letters and visits to maintain stability, the secretary of the party committee and the representative of the branch secretary signed a letter of responsibility for party building work, and the secretary of the party committee, the secretary of the disciplinary committee and the representative of the branch secretary signed a letter of responsibility for party style and clean government.

High-quality development goes ahead, and ideological emancipation goes ahead. Without ideological ice-breaking, there is no breakthrough in action. Through brainstorming discussions in five groups of thematic groups, we can clearly understand the problems existing in the current enterprise work, analyze the causes, and find ways and means to solve the problems. Through the baptism of ideas, great changes in concepts, and great spiritual excitement, we can build consensus on development and innovate work ideas. to provide spiritual motivation and development path for Sanjiu Company to achieve high-quality development.

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