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After 100 years, it is still the favorite of the fashion industry

  Canvas shoes are popular as a versatile item on the street, They are popular with celebrities, fashion fans and students alike A pair of canvas shoes can wear the high street feeling that goes with vogue joker. Today, the headline of your guys to pick a story of canvas shoes.
 Canvas shoes are popular as a versatile item on the street. They are popular with celebrities, fashion fans and students alike A pair of canvas shoes can wear the high street feeling that goes with vogue joker. Today, the headline of the story with you 818 canvas shoes.
  Shoes born in the stove
  The first pair of canvas shoes was called ConverseAllStar(converse all-star). In 1917, during world war I, there was only rubber and canvas left on the market because of the recession, At that time, the inventor encountered a big problem when making the first pair of canvas shoes. He could not make the canvas and rubber perfectly bond. After several attempts, he threw the canvas and rubber into the furnace. Canvas shoes were popular with the working class because they were durable and affordable.
  In the 1960s, canvas shoes were more popular among the fashion industry, and were popular with the younger generation. Matching them became a symbol of their personality. Entering the 1970s and 1980s, canvas shoes appeared to decline under the impact of the economic recovery, showing a declining situation. And now with the rise of retro style, the canvas shoes, a young fashion sheet that is infused with emotion, are put on the front of the fashion.
  Domestic canvas, the return force is head
  Today's network hot style echo classic F hook red and white shoe is fashionable street, speak of return lifan cloth shoe can be said to be homebred the most influential canvas shoe, its occurrence is late than converse only 10 years, it is the earliest canvas shoe that appears in China. In may this year, hui li launched the "hui yi" priced at 999 yuan, which adds the current popular elements and is in line with the international fashion aesthetic, which is a big breakthrough in the classic shoe style.
  Looking back on the development course of resilience, from birth to present development, all the way is ups and downs. In the 1970s, they were almost the only symbol of the sport shoe category. Back then, in the days of the global sneaker boom, the wind was back on top. Having a pair of power shoes is already a popular symbol among teenagers. I heard that many middle school students practiced hard at that time, because as long as they could score in the school team, "hui li" would have something to look forward to. At that time, hui li could be said to be a famous brand in the school. Therefore, there were a lot of pirated hui li shoes. Students who wore genuine shoes were more proud.
  However, the good times did not last long. After entering the 21st century, due to the influx of domestic and foreign brands, the resilience was strongly impacted and even lost the position of the first local brand. The perception of the shoe is associated with the migrant class because it is cheap and durable, rather than a high-end brand.
  Until 2000, the "hui li" series of trademarks were transferred to Shanghai huayi company. In 2006, the hui li shoes industry began to authorize more than 10 manufacturers such as wenzhou to design, develop and sell the hui li shoes, and transformed into a business enterprise operating brands. In 2008, hui li successfully took the bus of vintage joint names, successfully transformed and returned to the public.
 Last year, hui li shoe also set off star street to shoot a wave, big power power is one of those who return power shoe to admire. no matter be slim bell-bottomed pants or languid wide leg pants, or super short mini pants, return power shoe all became our big power 100 take a sheet to taste.
  Big cousin liu wen put the shoe of the back force into fashionable dress week more, took a gust of Chinese goods wind. Wu yifan, one of the most influential people in the fashion industry, also keeps the shoes under his feet, leading the fashion trend of recycling. Under the leadership of the trend of the star street auction, the resilience in recent years is all the way up, promising prospects.
  The darling of the star world
  Hui li is the top brand of domestic canvas shoes, and the founder of canvas shoes kuang wei still has an unshakable status in the international world, and it has captured the hearts of a large number of stars, and the spirit of rock and roll avril is a loyal fan of kuang wei. Whether it's on the red carpet at the awards show or in a packed concert, converse is always there for her. Some people say that she will wear the magic of converse, this is not an exaggeration.

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