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GXG is working together to create a new national classic

"What?GXGandreturnforceoutcooperationfund?"AfriendofminelookedatmeinsurprisewhentheGXGxrecyclingjointcameout.  Hehasapoint.GXGhasalwaysbeenthelabelofpopularmen'sfashion,butitisanationalbrandfoundedin1
  "What? GXG and return force out cooperation fund?" A friend of mine looked at me in surprise when the GXG x recycling joint came out.
  He has a point. GXG has always been the label of popular men's fashion, but it is a national brand founded in 1927, a memory of a generation after the reform and opening up. The connection between new fashion and classic goods is always baffling. What is the connection between them? -- but if you know GXG well enough. you'll find that this is a phase of the GXG brand layout, and a bold attempt.
  In 2007, GXG was born. Through the black, white and grey style, it directly hit the Chinese offline line, During the 10 years, the brand slowly adjusted its style and launched AR and 3D interactive products. 2018 is its 11th idea, and GXG has grown into one of the most promising fashion brands of the moment. This cooperation between GXG and jili can be regarded as another step of GXG brand.
  Create a new national classic
  What comes to mind when you think of national trends? Chinese elements = national trend? Or is national trend the fake version of popular logo abroad? Under the background of national trend, national trend is not the trend that is advocated by a few people. Hui li, which was born in 1927, is one of the most representative domestic brands. What makes GXG closely associated with hui li? The fashionable young people who advocate individuality integrate GXG and hui li. The cooperation between GXG and hui li not only awakens the memory of Chinese products of a generation in China, but also brings the niche culture to the mass trend. GXG brings the classic elements of resilience back to the public, endows it with fashion elements, and makes domestic products become new trends. It is a tide returning action to make retro and more fashionable, and also a re-shaping of national tide culture. For the young people who have a strong desire to express themselves, they can release their vitality in the classic innovation. which is an opportunity to represent the Chinese fashion culture and a subversion of the national trend. The national trend is a trend made by the Chinese people, and also a new way of making Chinese products.
  Make super web celebrity
  GXG xx is the first launch of GXG#for mix# cooperative model series. The product is deconstructed and reorganized for classic domestic products, deconstructed and designed with a younger perspective and fashionable thinking. With a series of original trend products to meet the personalized needs of consumers, it successfully reverses to become a super web celebrity.
  GXG this cooperation new product release is huge, invite numerous star web celebrity to promote. It not only gathers the strength actor dou xiao, the idol practice student zhou yanchen, creates 101 contestant qi yandi and the new rap popularity contestant ICE and so on star, is also receives the fashion person like Danso Dan, chang xiaohui, he yunle, Chen T_K.
  It is not only a simple slogan, but also GXG brand's pursuit of fashion innovation. GXG is dedicated to creating a personalized fashion experience that allows everyone to express their attitude and tone in a personalized outfit.

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