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Common shoe material problem and treatment in shoemaking technology

1.Howcanthedecolorizationoftheboresolebereduced?  Thedermiswilldecolorinwetandhotenvironment,whichisaproblemthatcannotbesolvedatpresent.Themethodthatthepersonofeasyfootperspirationcanchoose:weardarkso
  1. How can the decolorization of the bore sole be reduced?
  The dermis will decolor in wet and hot environment, which is a problem that cannot be solved at present. The method that the person of easy foot perspiration can choose: wear dark socks; Choose shoes with PU lining. Or the next day.
  2. Shoes with leather soles will skid when wearing.
  Leather shoes are characterized by good air permeability, comfort and texture, which is one of the important features of high-end shoes. But leather is not resistant to wear and is resistant to water. If you want to improve its wear resistance, you can go to a professional machine repair place before wearing it, and put a rubber sole on the sole, which will be better, not only prevent slipping, but also increase the wearing life of the shoe. Just so you lose the significance of the dermal base.
 3. Why are there many light-colored shoes with black heels?
  The design concept of shoes decides that the heel is dark, and the design concept is sometimes following the fashion trend. This is the season for this kind of design concept, so you will find that many brands of shoes have this style.
  4. Why are there small pinholes in the bottom of cool shoes?
  The shoes have holes because they are cut using pinhole point positioning in the manufacturing process. The hole will not affect the quality, you can wear it safely.
  5. Why do light colored shoes sometimes have small black spots on the surface?
  As the natural leather needs to be dyed to make the various colors we like, in the process of dyeing, the dark color will cover the original color spots. Light color should not be covered, this is all natural leather, small black spots are the color spots on the cortex.
  6. Some of the colors on the molding bottom can be rubbed off with an eraser.
  Because it is when making moulding bottom, attach color to it, not be after moulding in sole again above coloring, normal handle circumstance won't decolor.
 7. There are air holes on the moulding bottom. Customers suspect that it is a quality problem.
  In the production process, due to the mold, there will be holes like bubbles on the surface of the forming bottom, which will not be a problem in the wearing process.
  8.Is it not secure to stick to the soles of the sandals?
  The muzzle of the sandal is made according to the method prescribed by the state. The muzzle of the sandal is wrapped on the midsole, which is then pressed together by high temperature + special glue for shoemaking, so it can be worn safely.
  9.Can the film of the shoe crack?
  The film used on the shoes is specially tested special shoemaking material, which will not crack under normal wear and can be worn safely. Our shoes are of good quality. If there is any problem, we will deal with it according to the "three bags" regulation in ** city. You can wear them safely.
  10.The shoe that has film illuminative wears dirty to wear yellow to do after how? What if you can't clean it?
  The shoe that has film adornment has fashionable concept more, the shoe that compares leather material to pledge adornment to have distinguishing feature more and individual character. But it does turn yellow over time, and so far, there is no good solution to the problem. Therefore, the selling point of fashion and personality is emphasized, and guests are advised to pay more attention when wearing, and pay attention to maintenance when not wearing.
  11. Is the molding bottom wear-resistant? What happens after you wear it off?
  The moulded sole is non - slip, wear - resistant and very comfortable. Heel wear varies, and if you have a problem, take your shoes to the repair shop and let them handle it for you.
  12. What is the difference between leather and PU ironing?
  Insole: good air permeability, comfortable to wear, but in humid and relatively hot conditions easy to fade.
  PU bore bottom: air permeability is a little worse than leather, but it is not easy to decolor is its biggest advantage; Our company USES imported air permeable PU, with excellent performance and material.
  13.What kind of shoes are more suitable for people with sweaty feet?
  The inner part of the shoes is usually made of genuine leather or imported breathable PU. Both of them are featured with strong air permeability, which can be selected according to personal preferences and characteristics. If a person with sweaty feet is wearing shoes with genuine leather soles, it is likely to fade and contaminate his socks. This kind of customer would advise him to choose shoes with an imported air permeable PU material.
  14.The leather of new shoe is very hard, wear can you grind foot?
  The main reason is that no one has ever worn them, so new shoes are usually made of a harder material. As our shoes are made of genuine leather with pores, the leather will become soft and compliant as long as it touches the temperature for a period of time.

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