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Sports giant adidas stopped using all-new plastics by 2024

  German sportswear giant adidas says it plans to stop using entirely new plastics and use only recycled, plastics as raw materials by 2024 to improve environmental standards and sustainability in its supply chain. Adidas's spring/summer 2019 collection will have 41% of its production material made from recycled plastics.
  In addition, adidas said it would stop using entirely new plastics in the construction of its offices, retail stores, warehouses and distribution centers. This will help brands save about 40 tons of plastic a year starting in 2018.
  The polyester fiber in plastics is currently used in many products such as casual sports t-shirts, sports bras and sports shoes because of its light weight and quick drying. Eric Liedtke, head of global brands at adidas, said: "our goal is to completely stop using the new polyester by 2024. At present, 50% of the 9.2 million items sold by adidas use this material as the raw material for production. so it will take some time for it to be completely phased out.
  Another factor affecting the pace at which adidas is abandoning new plastics is that the cost of regenerating plastic is 10-20 per cent higher than that of new plastics. Eric Liedtke said: "" we have to make sure that recycled plastics are used as an alternative material step by step to control costs. We can spread out some of the costs every year for six years, but we can't absorb those extra costs quickly in a year.
  But industry experts believe the price gap between recycled plastics and new plastics will disappear in the next few years as more companies turn to renewable materials and suppliers improve their ability to produce large quantities of recycled materials.
  Apart from adidas, innovative initiatives by brands and retailers to protect the environment and use plastic pollution control include:
  RETHINK Brands, an innovative beverage start-up, raised $6.7 million in financing, ditching plastic bottles and paper boxes for water
  Starbucks will eliminate single-use plastic straws altogether by 2020 and popularize recycled cold drink LIDS
  Strengthen the strength of plastic ban! The UK has imposed a ban on the sale of products containing "plastic particles"
  Ikea has pledged to ban the sale of single-use plastic bottles of carbonated drinks by 2030.

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