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About Public Recruitment of Service Contractors in Staff Canteen of DeGan Production Base


The staff canteen is the product of the new situation after the company moved to the Degan production base. It aims to provide employees with convenient, clean, healthy and delicious meals and ensure their healthy and happy production activities.

According to the actual situation of Degan production base and the decision of the general manager's office meeting on March 8, 2019, the canteen will implement service contract operation according to the way of "contract work without materials. At present, the canteen of Degan Production Base is openly recruiting service contractors. Interested parties inside and outside the company are invited to sign up actively without any charge.

1. basic requirements for service contractors:

1, good health, in line with the relevant requirements of the state on food hygiene practitioners.

2. Be able to strictly abide by the company's various rules and regulations, do not enjoy any privileges, ensure the normal development of post work, and provide satisfactory services for employees.

3, the implementation of the rules and regulations, seriously implement the operating procedures, standardize the operation, to avoid personal injury and equipment accidents, safety accidents.

4, explore the law of food, grasp the market information to strengthen accounting, help canteen manager to do a good job of cost analysis. Seriously supervise and inspect all aspects of picking, picking and washing, cutting and matching, cooking, etc., and correct problems found in time.

5. Carefully formulate the raw material ordering plan, make reasonable dishes according to the season, use your head, think of ways and change patterns, and continuously improve the service quality of the restaurant to meet the needs of consumers.

6, adhere to the inspection and supervision of the safety system every day, before coming off work on the gas/liquefied gas switch, electricity, water, as well as doors and windows should be carefully checked, can not have the slightest carelessness, and regular and regular safety knowledge, safety prevention and other education.

7. According to the requirements of the recipe, fill in the picking list according to the procedure every morning and go to the warehouse to pick up the materials. In the evening, the materials that cannot be used up will be sent to the warehouse for safekeeping and storage again.

8. After the meal, check the kitchen, hall and equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards.

9. Prepare for meals before employees eat.

10, according to the number of diners, supply and kitchen technical strength, equipment conditions to calculate the number of meals on that day; After lunch every day, the purchase form of food raw materials required by each team will be provided and docked with the contracted company.

11. Implement the detailed rules of the Food Hygiene Law, do a good job in food, catering and environmental hygiene, and manage and use the chef team well.

2. other matters:

1, the implementation of the service contractor responsibility system, by the service contractor is responsible for the formation of the chef team;

2. Determine the service contractor in the form of competitive recruitment and sign the service contract with the company;

3, in the form of competition to determine the service fee.

3. registration time: April 25, 2019-May 15, 2019

Place of application for the 4.: General Office of Logistics Support Department, 5th Floor, Administrative Office Building of Dequan Production Base

5. contact: ms yang, telephone17782001522

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April 25, 2019