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Marketing personnel


Minimum Education:

Senior high school

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:



1. Planning, layout, development, channel construction, market promotion and customer control of the market under its jurisdiction;

2, fully assume the sales performance of the area under its jurisdiction, fully responsible for regional business operations;

3, responsible for the area of market information collection and competitor analysis;

4. Efficient implementation of headquarters marketing plans and instructions;

5. Efficient management of customers within the jurisdiction and maintenance of good relations of cooperation;

6. Complete the sales target.


1, have a mature fast consumer goods marketing resume for more than 2 years, is expected to become a sales master.

2, cheerful personality, listen to the work arrangement full of love and high sense of responsibility.

3. Good at communication, fluent mandarin, good communication skills.

4, the courage to constantly meet new challenges, can withstand greater work pressure; coordination ability and hard-working spirit.

5, can adapt to travel more than 21 days a month.

6. Those who have footwear sales experience and superior ability can relax the conditions appropriately.


* Five insurances, holiday benefits, performance bonus, high temperature allowance, communication subsidy, etc.


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