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Tmall artist and customer service/e-commerce designer

3500 - 4500

Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:

1-3 years

Work area:


1. job requirements:

1. Major in art and design is preferred.

2, proficient in PhotoshopDreamweaverIllustratorCorelDraw, etc., with certain Flash technology

3. Strong learning ability, fast acceptance of knowledge, able to complete the work at hand in an effective time, and ensure the quality of work

4, have e-commerce design industry work experience, or particularly excellent can be appropriate to relax the requirements

2. Responsibilities:

1, responsible for product shooting and post-processing work

2. Be fully responsible for the art design and image promotion of the online store, specifically including: update of the overall image design of the store, beautification of commodity description, beautification of product pictures, graphic production of promotional activities, etc;

4. Be responsible for the design of promotional pictures for store activities and the overall style design of the store during the festival.

5, in addition to the design work, the rest of the time responsible for customer reception, through wangwang communication with customers, complete online shopping pre-sale, sale and after-sale work

3. we offer:

1. Harmonious team and rising road to promotion;

2. A platform for realizing personal dreams;

3. Those with excellent ability or strong self-learning ability have good promotion space and generous treatment.

If you love this profession and can work for a long time, please join our young and dynamic team! Show your talent!