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Product quality inspection

2500 - 3000

Minimum Education:

Senior high school

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:



1, according to the provisions to do a good job in the acceptance of materials and equipment in and out of the warehouse, bookkeeping and distribution work, so that the accounts are consistent.

2. Grasp the inventory status at any time, modify the products, do a good job in product quality inspection, ensure the timely supply of materials and equipment, and give full play to the turnover efficiency.

3, the product can be effectively controlled, regular warehouse cleaning, keep the warehouse neat and beautiful, so that materials and equipment classification arrangement, storage neat, accurate quantity.

4, familiar with the corresponding materials and equipment varieties, specifications, models and performance, fill in clearly.

5, do a good job in the safety management of the warehouse, check the warehouse fire prevention, anti-theft facilities, timely plug loopholes.

6, familiar with the online background operation process, can make a single can independently operate the computer background.

8. Handover with express delivery company.

9. Complete other tasks assigned by warehouse management.