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E-commerce operation

4000 - 5000

Minimum Education:

Junior college

Number of Recruits:


Experience requirements:


Work area:



1. Be responsible for the daily maintenance of the online store, ensure the normal operation of the online store, optimize the ranking of stores and commodities, be proficient in the registration and operation of through train, drill show, Taoke, etc., and be familiar with the background operation of Jingdong, Tmall, Store C, Alibaba, distribution and other platforms;

2. Responsible for the daily management, supervision, guidance, training and evaluation of the customer service team; Formulate customer service specifications, processes and systems; Improve and lead the customer service team to handle daily customer inquiries, answers and complaints.

3. Responsible for collecting market and industry information and providing effective response plans.

4. Maintain customer relationship, deal with relevant customer complaints and disputes, supervise and guide customer service work behavior.

5, responsible for the implementation and cooperation with the company's related marketing activities, planning store promotion plan; No less than 6 activities were successfully passed throughout the year.

6. Daily maintenance of group buying customers and development of new customers, including reconciliation, invoicing, collection, after-sales and a series of work.

7. Organize and analyze the handover between express delivery and delivery department, and put forward effective opinions to feed back to the superior.

We provide:

1. Harmonious team and rising road to promotion;

2. A platform for realizing personal dreams;

3. Those with excellent ability or strong self-learning ability have good promotion space and generous treatment.

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